Santa Barbara Violin Lessons

Invented in Italy in the 16th century, the violin remains the most popular orchestral instrument in the world today. Because of its solid pedagogy developed over hundreds of years, it remains as the starting point for many musicians. Suzuki first applied his ideas about early musical development and training to the violin. If you are unsure about what instrument to begin your child on, violin is an excellent entryway to opening your child’s musical talent.







The Suzuki violin method begins with a series of variations on “Twinkle Little Star.” With so much bowing repetition from the start, the purpose of the variations is to teach solid bow technique while improving the student’s rhythm. By the end of book 1 the student has progressed to simple Bach minuets, which lay the foundation for later Bach pieces like the Double Concerto or the Concerto in A minor—indeed, the rhythm to the Bach Double is already the rhythm of the first “Twinkle” variation!

By the time the student is in book 5, there are many alternative pieces from the traditional violin repertoire that can also be played. Done in conjunction with the Suzuki curriculum, the student receives a complete technical foundation that includes the skills needed to pursue the professional repertoire.

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