Suzuki Violin Lessons for All Ages


Parents often wonder at what age to begin violin study. Dr. Suzuki believed in starting early, and he wrote about how babies are learning music from the time they are born, listening to their mother’s sing. Babies internalize rhythm and melody; through contact with music their talent for it is already starting to develop.

For ages 3-4 (preschool), we recommend starting with box violin. This allows the student to work on posture, balance and basic movements and rhythms without the frustration of a scratchy sound. While working on this, the student is listening to the recording at home and the teacher play in the lesson. This is developing the child’s ear and getting them ready for the real violin. Once the student transitions to the violin, the child will already know what to do, because they have practiced the motions over and over.

The length of time that the student uses the box violin varies with each student. Sometimes children may need it for a couple months, while others have used the box violin for only two weeks.

How fast a student progresses depends on many factors. With commitment, diligence, and hard work, every student can play violin at a high level and achieve a beautiful tone. For many, book 1 can take the longest, because the student is encountering everything for the first time.

It is still possible to learn violin at a later age. Intellectually the more mature student will grasp the concepts more quickly. But the older one starts the violin, the more attention must be paid to balance and relaxation, which comes more naturally at a younger age.

To maximize achievement and ensure success, private lessons occur on a weekly basis.

Recommended lesson guidelines:

30 minute lessons                     books 1-3

45 minute lessons                     books 4-5

1 hour lessons                          books 6-10, and above

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