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Santa Barbara Cello Lessons

With earlier roots, the violoncello or cello took hold as the major lower string instrument in the 18th century. Bach’s solo cello suites were among the first to show the solo expressive possibilities of the cello, a tradition that continued with the cello sonatas of Beethoven and Brahms.
















The cello’s dark timbre is one of the most soothing in the instrumental gambit. The deep, rich tones of the cello resonate with many children, and now with small cellos available, it is possible for a young child to start.

In the Suzuki method, cellists start by learning many of the same pieces of the violin repertory. But by book 4 the repertoire starts to diverge as pieces from the cello repertoire are introduced.


The goals of Suzuki cello are the same as for violin—correct posture, clean and accurate intonation (whether the notes are in tune or false), and a beautiful tone.

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