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If you have any questions about the policy or would like to inquire about enrolling your child, please contact Valerie by texting her cell at 805.895.3819, or email,

In order to ensure that we are providing the highest level of teaching, all students must commit for the academic year. Your lesson time is reserved each week specifically for you, and therefore it is essential that you honor your commitment to show up for that lesson.


Lessons and Group Opportunities

  • Individual lessons are on a weekly basis in our teaching studio located at 725 Garden St. #1, or sometimes at our home based studio.

  • We ask that you pay at the beginning of each month for the entire month, cash or check are accepted. If you miss a lesson without notice, you will still be charged for that missed lesson. If the student is sick and we are notified ahead of time, we will do our best to reschedule a make-up lesson. If you need to miss a lesson for any other reason (without illness), we will need a 48-hour notice, and we will do our best to reschedule but there are no guarantees that we will be able to accommodate. Because you have committed to a specific time slot, you are still responsible for paying for any missed lessons. 

  • If the teacher needs to miss a lesson for any reason, the lesson will either be rescheduled or we will apply the cost of the lesson to the next month’s tuition.

  • We also offer groups and ensembles. These supplement individual lessons; we do not allow students who are outside of our studio to participate in our groups. We will contact you when and if group classes become  available for your child's instrument level. 

  • Performance classes are 60 minutes and are scheduled throughout the year.  The performance classes offer an opportunity to perform the repertoire in a group setting.



One large, formal recital will be scheduled during the year. It is required that all students participate and play at least one song solo or accompanied from memory, and that the student has already played the song in a performance class. You will be given at least a one-month notice, and there will be a small fee to offset any costs associated with the recital.


Instrument and Materials

All material including the violin, sheet music, shoulder rest, stands and any other accessory are available for purchase or rental at Santa Barbara Stringed Instruments (formerly Malvinni Stringed Instruments), at Your teacher will go over with you at the initial meeting with the items that you will need.

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