Santa Barbara Viola Lessons

Viola is wonderful avenue for students who like the violin but prefer a lower sound. With the advent of small violas, students can now start viola at an early age (about age seven). Viola provides the inner voice in ensembles and in orchestra, and today it is often featured as a solo instrument.

The beginner violist studies the Suzuki repertoire that is similar to the violin and cello repertoire. Quickly, the violist learns pieces that are suited to the instrument.

Viola Lessons

From “Bohemian Folk Dance” to Marin Marais’s French dances  to the Henri Casadesus’s Concerto in C minor in the style of J.C. Bach, the student is focusing on the tone and technique unique to the viola.

There is a definite difference in tone production on the viola versus the more familiar violin. Valerie Malvinni received her training on both instruments and understands how to convey to students the essential difference. It is also common that violinists can also learn to play viola; the viola can help violinists tap into a deeper tone.

At the Suzuki Violin School of Santa Barbara, beginner violists can participate in group classes with violinists, and more advanced violists can pursue chamber music.

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