Parents of Suzuki Violin Students

In the Suzuki environment, there exists a teaching triangle between teacher, student, and parent. Each is essential to the learning process and the student’s success. The parent’s role is to be the home teacher, guiding and supporting their child during the week’s practice. It is not necessary that the parent is able to play, only that he or she understands what the teacher has assigned for home practice.

Parents are expected to learn about the Suzuki method:

    •Read Nurtured by Love by Shinichi  Suzuki (we will have the book available at our studio for purchase)

    • Book I, a parent should plan to stay for the lesson.  The parent will take notes on what is covered in the lesson; this will amplify what the teacher will write down in the student’s practice journals.

    • Book I, a parent is expected to be present and engaged for the student’s home practice.  A five-year old child does not yet know how to practice, nor what to practice.  Therefore the parent must guide the entire practice period, and do so in an encouraging manner.

    •If the parent has a question during the week, please call or email your teacher, while respecting the teacher’s time.

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