Director Valerie Malvinni with LA Phil Associate Concertmaster Nathan Cole, guest artist

1. How do I pay for the Institute?

To pay by PalPal, go to the Payment page. Otherwise, you can mail a check to the Santa Barbara Suzuki School. If you pay before April 30, 2017, you will receive a discount on your registration.

2. Do I have to fill out an application?

Yes, please out this form

3. Are there scholarships available?

Because we are a small Institute, we are not able to offer any at this time. We can sometimes offer a sibling discount in cases of economic hardship.

4. What is a typical day like?

Click here for a typical day.

5. What do students do for lunch?

Most students bring lunch and eat at the Institute. There are nearby restaurants available on State Street, but a parent would need to drive.

6. Can students be dropped off?


7. What are the enrichment classes?

Art and fiddle. Nearly all the students take art class. The activities are super fun and it is a good bonding time for the students. Fiddle class is also very popular, and gives the student an opportunity to explore a different style of music.

We highly recommend signing up for both classes, and you will receive a generous discount if you do.

8. Are there nighttime activities at the Institute?


9.How long is the Finale concert on Friday?

About one and a half hours long.

10. My child has never played a Suzuki song. Can I still sign up for Institute

Yes, though please contact the Director and we will send you a list of recommended pieces to learn before coming.

11. Is there a parent talk?

Yes, there is a parent talk where Suzuki philosophy is discussed.

12. What can I expect my child to learn at the Institute?

In master class, your child will learn techniques as they specifically relate to the pieces they are studying. They receive individual instruction. In repertoire class, pieces from the book will be reviewed by the teacher. The students play as a group. In ensemble class, pieces from outside of Suzuki may be chosen and students will learn get experience playing in a small chamber or orchestral setting, depending on age.

Each day is structured for the students to receive the maximum benefits of the instruction. At the end of the week, students come away with a great experience on their instrument and often have made many new friends!

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