Santa Barbara Piano Lessons

We now have very limited space in our studio for piano, Suzuki books 1 and 2, and plan to expand this offering soon. These lessons will be at our home teaching studio. 

Piano is a great foundation for learning all the theoretical aspects of music--harmony, counterpoint, chord building, and scales. From piano, it is easy to learn other instruments. 







Keyboards date back to the Middle Ages. During the Baroque the main keyboard instruments were the organ and the harpsichord. Bach did try an early piano, but did not compose on it. Mozart was one of the first great composers to write for the instrument, and his piano concertos are still incomparable. 

Suzuki piano begins with the rhythmic variations on "Twinkle," continues with some folk songs and shorter classical pieces. One of the highlights of book 2 is learning Robert Schumann's "Happy Farmer."

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