2016 Santa Barbara Suzuki Institute Day One

By David Malvinni on Aug 10, 2016 at 02:30 AM in Santa Barbara Suzuki Institute 2016
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Day one of the 2016 Santa Barbara Suzuki Institute went great! It was wonderful putting faces to names, and meeting so many great out-of-town students, who came from places all over California.

Students had a lot of fun in the art classes taught by Joe, the offical Institute "Grandpa." In art this week, students are making bracelets, fuzzy animals, God's eyes, and spinners. Some students even made masks. Some students are also doing water color painting. 

Suzuki teachers Valerie, Gail and Gulia did an incredible job in their master and repertoire classes. Many students were introduced to large ensemble playing for the first time. Valerie and Gail also taught fiddle classes, focusing on old time and classic American tunes.

David's guitar classes were a blast, as we practiced an Argentine tango and a Spanish soleares by Juan Serrano, called "Soleares." The students solo pieces already sounded performance ready. 

Thanks to our assistants Cassidy King, who did an amazing job helping out with the guitar class, and adminstrative assistants Maryanne and Julia who was everywhere needed, helping students to stay focused and assisting the teachers. Maryanne has also been providing wonderful sandwiches to the teachers every day for lunch.

We look forward to a great day tomorrow, and thank those who came for the ice cream social in a little bit. 

Please remember the Parent Meeting on Suzuki philosophy scheduled for tomorrow after Institute at 4pm, your children are also welcome.

Here are some pics from today, enjoy!


Santa Barbara Suzuki Institute Administrative Director

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