Suzuki Institute Day 3 Wrap Up

By David Malvinni on Aug 05, 2015 at 10:13 PM in Santa Barbara Suzuki Institute 2015

DAY 3 of 2015 Santa Barbara Suzuki Institute

            Today the guitar class played their “Flaming Flamenco” (a piece written by Suzuki guitar teacher Andrea Cannon) for the ELMO preschool class. It was a good, low-pressure performance opportunity and the toddlers loved it. We added an introduction to the piece, and a couple of the guitarists worked out rhythm patterns to clap on the guitar. This week the students learned how to improvise using patterns in A minor. Each student practiced developing paragraph statements within the scale, and constructing their own closing phrase. Our improvising soloists were Ian Hammel, Joey Malvinni, and Jeffry Bohlinger. The guitar class will be playing the piece again on the closing concert.

I heard some strong performers in the master classes today, and the ensemble pieces are getting close to performance. The beginning ensemble did a good job today, and tomorrow we will be refining the pieces for performance. The students in this class enjoy the memory games we have been playing—a fun way to improve musicianship skills. The guitarists played the accompaniment for the fiddle class today. The fiddlers are sounding better and better. Gail says to “get ready for the kickoff!”

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