Good Listening Habits Facilitate Violin Practice

By Valerie Malvinni on Aug 05, 2015 at 10:57 AM in Santa Barbara Violin Tips

How can I get my child to practice? Will my child ever love to practice?

I get asked these questions by parents all the time. The answer? Listening.  The easiest, most direct way to motivate a child’s desire to practice is by daily and consistent listening. 

Let’s say the student is about to start “Minuet 1.” The week before they are to learn this piece in lesson, they should listen to it for thirty minutes every day. You can set your iPod or CD player to repeat the track. 

Play the Suzuki songs in the car, while eating breakfast, doing homework or enjoying play. The more the student hears the songs, the greater the joy they will have while practicing and learning them. The melodies will become ingrained in the child, and it will be very satisfying for the child to play the familiar song on their violin.

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